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Sometimes our skin may wander away from us. Guide it back to balance with this botanically infused luxurious face serum. Made with our farms organic calendula, this face serum will help soothe and heal problem areas.

Ideal skin type: Dry, sensitive, problematic skin

How to use: Apply 1-2 pumps of serum to clean skin, follow with hydrosol or toner to seal in moisture. 


𖠷Neem leaf infused in sesame oil- Stop! don’t think this oil smells anything like the neem oil found at the health food store! this is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment for blemish proned skin and processed differently. It is an amazing oil to use for acne prone skin due to its potent anti-bacterial properties. It reduces inflammation, redness, and irritation while protecting and moisturizing the skin 

𖠷Calendula oil- Fresh calendula flowers from our farm macerated in organic sunflower oil. Calendula is a potent vulnerary herb, meaning it helps heal tissue. It is anti-microbial, soothing to red, acne proned skin, or eczema. Calendula can also stimulate collagen production and reduce the occurrence of dry skin.

𖠷Oat oil- Rich in vitamins A, E, and B as well as crammed with calcium, zinc, iron and manganese, great for sensitive dry skin and anyone suffering from eczema. It is highly absorbable by the skin, meaning no greasy residue and all the great benefits sinking straight into the skin. Oats act as a natural moisturizer on their own, by removing dead skin cell, acting as a protective barrier and also penetrating deeply.

𖠷Almond oil- With acne, some people are more prone to produce a sticky oil called sebum that can clog the pores with dead skin cells and other debris. However, the fatty acids in almond oil actually help dissolve the sebum that your skin produces, creating cleaner skin and pores, and helping to get rid of acne.One of the other reasons why almond oil is beneficial is because of its ability to plump and firm the skin. Almond oil works as a natural face exfoliator to help to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of healthier skin. When used topically, the formulated almond oil for skin products or treatments is absorbed by the fatty cells of the skin. The moisture in the oil is then utilized by the tissues to repair damaged cells and give skin a more youthful appearance. 

𖠷Immortelle Essential oil- People aren’t obsessed about this oil for no reason. I can say that when I put this oil on my face I wake up with a glowing complexion. It is a miracle oil for sure. It has been used for centuries for skin care. Used for age spots, redness, and soothing sensitive skin this oil wont disappoint.

𖠷Blue Chamomile essential oil- just like chamomile tea can help us calm down it has a similar effect on the skin. It can ease redness, and sooth inflammation.

𖠷Blue Tansy Essential oil- Vogue recently called blue tansy oil the new superstar skin care ingredient.However this plant has been used since the beginning of time for various ailments. distilled from the plant called tanacetum annuum is helps with sensitive, irritated skin. It can help re-balance, hydrate and calm the skin. 

𓆸100% of the highest quality ingredients you can find. Packed full of Nourishing organic whole plant-sourced ingredients for your skin. what makes my oils different? Our oils are made with plants that Wehave grown and hand harvested from our organic herb farm here in Michigan. This makes my formulas, fresh, and potent. All of my oils are cold-pressed and unrefined to make sure their quality is only the best. This oil is made to reclaim and recover your blemish free skin. All of my oil combinations have been carefully picked by me for my sensitive blemish prone skin. After a few years of research and a lot of trial and error, I now have two face oils that I don’t live without. Made consciously with non-comedogeonic oils in mind, this means that all my oils fall between a 1-2 on the comedogenic scale. This is the lowest you can find in the oil world, and this means that it wont clog your pores! Some people tend to be scared of oils especially if you already have oily skin, but fear not! It is actually the complete opposite. When you have oily skin and are over washing to get the oil off, you are actually causing your skin to produce more oil by stripping your natural ones away, this causes your skin to overcompensate oil. All of my oil batches are made by hand in small batches, this means variation can happen. We also use small amounts of essential oils from companies that are only practicing sustainable harvesting. We make sure to use less then 1% to make sure they are safe and non- irritating. However we are working towards using our own distilled essential oils from our farm.

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  1. Megan

    I really love this face serum, it’s great for my dry/sensitive/acne prone skin. Definitely recommend pairing it with a hydrosol, it helps to seal in the moisture.

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