The Steward-Herbal Tea Blend

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The steward tea blend is combined with our farms organic herbs that help nourish our bodies that may be depleted in essential trace minerals.

This blend is great for pregnant or postpartum people, but can also be used daily for anyone seeking to have good stewardship to their bodies. Made with herbs like nettle- that is one of the few plants that have bio available plant iron, as well calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Other herbs like black raspberry leaf, oat tops, lemon balm, Marshmallow leaf, and hibiscus.

Enjoy this hot or cold in the warmer months, you can even freeze and make into popsicles for the whole family to enjoy and to get these essential minerals into your little ones!


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1 review for The Steward-Herbal Tea Blend

  1. Kate S

    Legit the best tasting tea I’ve ever had. You can literally see/smell/taste the level of care that went into this blend.

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