The Soother Digestive Tea Blend


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The soother digestive tea blend is an aromatic, warming blend of herbs grown by us here on our farm. The soother is blended to support your bodies digestive process. Traditionally herbs in this blend can ease nausea, bloating, gas and feeling of fullness. This blend is perfect for the upcoming holiday season to drink before or after heavy meals, but it is also just a great cup of daily tea to enjoy. A little spicy from our ginger root, but rounded out with mountain mint, herbaceous catnip, and aromatic bitter chamomile. All these plants have a complex array of volatile compounds which give us those aromatic notes. These volatile compounds help stimulate digestion and move bloating, and gas. Bitter compounds also stimulate our digestive tract by producing more hydrochloric acid that helps break down food in our gut.

Ingredients from our farm are:


*Mountain mint



Size net weight: 1 oz

*Certified organic

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1 oz


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