The Nurterer Breast/Body Serum


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This oil invites the feminine, it invites touch. It is lightly aromatic with violet and jasmine making it exhilarating to the senses and will have you wanting to apply more. 

Use as a body oil to promote lymphatic movement, especially warranted during stagnant periods in life, and dark winters with less movement. 

Use after a hot soak in the tub followed up with a skin brush to get your lymph moving then apply the nurturer all over for a truly romantic and moving time.  

Get to know your breasts better, by monthly breast massages accompianed with this beautifully crafted farm to bottle oil. Made with our farms certifed organic calendula, violet flowers, red clover and lavender. Traditionally these herbs are used to help with gentle lymphatic movement, and aide in issues like tender breasts from PMS, breast cysts, clogged ducts, and mastitis.  




Red Clover


Violet absolute

Jasmine absolute 


size 1 fl oz

Additional information

Weight 5 oz


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