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A river runs through us is an in-depth class on lymphagogues- herbs that promote lymphatic circulation. But how do herbs work with our lymph system?  And when would we use herbs?  In this class we dive deep into the watery well of the lymph system-our filtration and drainage system. We will cover basic lymph anatomy, the main functions of the lymph system, break down two different herbal approaches when working with the lymph system.And dicuss herbs that are specific to our immune and lymph system. We will also discuss one clinical case and go over red flags, a protocol and formulation. You will leave the class feeling informed and confident on the lymph system and how as herbalists, or other providers you can fully support it.

Once purchased you have forever access. A pdf with class links can be downloaded at checkout. An email to access the course page will be sent to you after your purchase, please check your spam folder if you don't see one. Discounted rates are available, BIPOC are prioritized. Unfortunately there are not closed captioning on this recording, because I couldn't figure it out. I am working hard at fixing this for future classes.Thank you and enjoy!

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With heavy hearts we are saying goodbye to our herb farm. 2023 will be our last growing year. Please continue to follow and support our other herbal and plant projects like bloodroot herb shop at The farm is in deep transition but continue to keep eyes on what may emerge. We cant thank everyone enough for the support throughout the years.

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