Herbal Broth Base


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Replenishing Herbal Broth Base

This is a nutrient dense herbal broth that contains nettles-one of the few bio available forms of iron found in plants. Nettles, oatstraw, and alfalfa are added to this blend because they are high in magnesium, calcium, b-vitamins, vitamin c, and zinc. These trace minerals can become depleted in times of stress. This broth can help nourish your nervous system and restore lost minerals and iron from heavy bleeding. In times of stress our immune system can become suppressed making us more susceptible to getting sick. In this herbal broth herbs like astragalus and shiitake mushrooms are added to help stimulant our immune systems to safeguard us. This is a 2 oz bag of herbs and can make multiple small portions of broth or one large one.


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