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HAAG was made as part of the resistance of the restricted access to abortion and  reproductive health care. HAAG aims to make people feel less alone in their decision to terminate a pregnancy and to help relieve symptoms like nausea, anxiety, cramping and fatigue from having an abortion or miscarriage. The reason for the name HAAG is to reclaim the word that was once used to describe a powerful old wise woman.

HAAG SWAG kit contains

Three herbalist formulated tinctures, a herbal broth base, two canvas tote bags, and a cotton muslin bag to steep herbs in.

Tinctures include:

Sweet Treat- Nausea Relief

Sweet treat is a little spicy and a little sweet that makes for the perfect herbal treat. Formulated with organic ginger, organic orange peel, and our farms organically grown chamomile will have you wanting to drink the whole bottle! These herbs are traditionally used to ease symptoms of indigestion and nausea. Excellent for people who get upset stomachs from nervousness. The best way to drink this tasty concoction is to add a couple squirts to your favorite sparkling water. Can also be taken alone or in still water.

Womb Warrior-Cramp Relief

Just because you have a womb and you’re a warrior doesn’t mean you should have to go to battle. This tincture is formulated with herbs traditionally used to stop painful uterine cramping by anti-spasmodic actions to the smooth muscles. Made with wildcrafted black haw, silk tassel, Jamaican dogwood, and black birch bark, this will have you winning the battle before it even begins. Take 2-3 squirts as needed. Can be taken alone or in water.

Unwind Mind- Anxiety Relief

Unwind mind does exactly that. Made with organic passionflower, and our farms organically grown skullcap, roses, and lavender with a few drops of anemone flower (a potent plant that helps with panic attacks). The herbs choosen for this blend have been traditionally used to ease anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, circular thinking, and muscle tension. Take 2-3 squirts in water, or alone 2-3x a day or as needed. Can be taken alone or in water.

Replenishing Herbal Broth Base

This is a nutrient dense herbal broth that contains nettles-one of the few bio available forms of iron found in plants. Nettles, oatstraw, and alfalfa are added to this blend because they are high in magnesium, calcium, b-vitamins, vitamin c, and zinc. These trace minerals can become depleted in times of stress. This broth can help nourish your nervous system and restore lost minerals and iron from heavy bleeding. In times of stress our immune system can become suppressed making us more susceptible to getting sick. In this herbal broth herbs like astragalus and shiitake mushrooms are added to help stimulant our immune systems to safeguard us. This is a 2 oz bag of herbs and can make multiple small portions of broth or one large one.

One small canvas tote bag that fits all three of your herbal tinctures with HAAG logo.

One large canvas tote bag to fit your tinctures, a book, or blanket to take with you to your appointment. Art and silk screened by detroit artist Margot Reynolds.

One organic muslin drawstring bag to use with your herbal broth base

How to use this kit? This kit is universal because it can be used by people experiencing a miscarriage, someone who has PMS, or even for people who would just like to help symptoms of nausea, anxiety, or cramps.

Sediment is natural in tinctures as its extracted from whole plants. Please dont be alarmed if you see sediment in the dropper or in the bottle.

**This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. Please speak to a medical professional before taking any supplements or herbs. This kit is not intended to cure, prevent, or treat any disease.


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