Al’s All Balm-Healing Salve


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Al’s all balm can be used for everything under the sun. Yes even for sunburns.This is a multi-purpose switch army knife balm. Its a powerful whole plant infused salve that is essential oil free, making it perfect for the most sensitive skin. A perfect blend of soothing vulnerary herbs from our farm are infused in organic sunflower oil.

This salve came to be when I had my son and needed to make a gentle diaper salve. It was so good that I ended up using it for everything! Some ways to use it is: as a diaper balm, for scrapes or bug bites, cracked hands or lips, hives, nipple salve for body feeding, body butter, under eye cream, psoriasis, chapstick.

Most salves are just oil, beeswax and essential oils leaving a lot to be desired. Whole plant infused oils are the key to truly healing tissues and maintaining skin integrity.




st johns wort



shea butter

sunflower oil


no essential oils!

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Weight 6.0 oz


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