Lymph Class

A River Runs Through Us

2hrs of Material

A river runs through us is an in-depth class on lymphagogues- herbs that promote lymphatic circulation. But how do herbs work with our lymph system?  And when would we use herbs?  In this 2 hr recorded video class with slides, we dive deep into the watery well of the lymph system-our filtration and drainage system. We will cover basic lymph anatomy, the main functions of the lymph system, and break down two different herbal approaches when working with the lymph system. We will discuss how our lymph is part of our immune system, and herbs that are specific to our lymph system. We will also discuss one clinical case and go over red flags, a protocol and formulation. You will leave the class feeling informed and confident on the lymph system and how as herbalists, or other providers you can fully support it. Once purchased you have forever access. 

In this class we dive deep into the lymph system. Other topics included in this recording are;

  • lymph anatomy and physiology
  • over 5 different plant monographs
  • how to grow these plants
  • plant constituents and how to yield the best extract 
  • how to do a fresh herb  oil
  • red flags
  • ethical harvesting
  • a clinical case
  • how to build a protocol
  • the art of formulation
  • and more!


BIPOC scholarships are available, no questions asked! Send us an email to find out more. Unfortunately due to the nature of  instant acess this class is non-refundable. 

I went to the deepest wells of water 

To get reconnected 

I watched

I waited

I listened to the babbling brook

And soon came light, 

The cleavers stuck to my hair and made a crown 

The red root was so firmly planted in the ground

I could only pick the leaves for tea

That tingled and energized me

My body 

Half blood

And half water

Moving through the day

Moving through the night

My body

 that has a river

That runs through me 

The light has made the river

Reflect myself back at me

Reconnecting me to the water inside of me

The goddess of spring, the nymph that is

Inside of you,

That is

Inside of me.  


Lymph- alex

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