Holistic Abortion & Loss

Holistic Care For Abortion & Loss

Come join me for this special event taking place at our herb farm. 

I’m so excited to offer this special class that marries my two loves; reproductive justice and herbalism. In this two hour class I will share with you my experience as a herbalist and Abortion doula with a power point presentation. We will cover a lot of practical skills and information including;


How people experience Abortion & Loss

Different options with medical and aspiration abortion

How we can support people through their decisions

Provider considerations

The Herbalist role

Comfort measures 

Herbs that are used to support people pre and post abortion or loss


Clincal applications

Safety concerns

and more. 

This class will NOT cover herbal abortifacients. We will be discussing herbs used alongside 1st trimester clincal abortions and comfort measures we can use during this fragile time.

Class will be 2 hrs long starting at 9:30 am till 12 noon. Please bring water, and snacks.  Rain or shine Class has limited seating!



BIPOC scholarships are available, no questions asked! Send us an email to find out more.