Fresh Herbs

We are no longer shipping fresh herbs for the foreseeable future. We are only accepting fresh herb orders for local pick up at our farm. Thanks for all your support.

we are taking fresh herb orders for local pick up. If you would like to inquire about herbs please send us an email at

 How to order:

1. Browse our fresh herb list for this season

2. Send us an email 

3. we will arrange a local pick up day and time 


How Will I know When My Order Will Come/ready?

Please look over our fresh herb catalog, and look at when plants are generally harvested.  Leafy tops are usually harvested starting in late spring through the summer, and roots are always harvested either in the spring or fall (september-october).

Plants are harvested at different times and aren’t something that can be timed. Therefore we harvest when the plants are ready. We will send an email to you the week of harvest. Harvesting plants is also weather dependent therefore timing of dates can change. We hope you understand.

  • We ship overnight via UPS
  • The pricing for overnight can sometimes be double to triple the amount of money then your order. If you are ordering a smaller amount of plant material,  try to go in on an order with others to split shipping costs.
  • Example: 2 lbs of St Johns Wort going to LA, CA
  • St Johns Wort- $18×2 = 36
  • Overnight shipping-  $90-150
  • We can not give you a shipping quote for your order until we harvest and pack it.
  • We have decided to up our minimum weight for shipping because this lowers our carbon footprint, helps us with our time and work with such a small crew. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • If you are ordering several different herbs please know they might all be shipped at different times  and there will be shipping costs with each shipment.
  • We try our best to put your herbs together in one shipment, but this is impossible with spring plants and fall roots.
  • Unfortunately we only ship fresh herbs within the United  States. We hope to expand our shipping territory in the future.

How Do You Package Your Herbs For Shipping?

When shipping fresh herbs we carefully package them in food grade paper with a food grade ice pack to ensure they stay as fresh as possible during shipping. We always pack extra herb to cover water loss during shipping.

  • Aerial parts are harvested by hand, weighed and then shipped. We do not wash them beforehand.
  • Roots are harvested and cleaned by hand to the best of our ability,  and not washed or soaked, to keep the integrity of plant constituents.

How To Pay:

Place your order by paying for the non refundable 5 dollar deposit. Once we harvest and ship your order, a new invoice will be sent to you for you to pay that includes the shipping cost and plant material.

For Pick Up:

Minimum for pick up is 1lb per plant. Pick ups are Monday-wednesday after 2pm (with some flexibility). At checkout you can pick what day works for you. 

Our address for pick up is 5780 Joy Rd Dexter, MIYou can also put Black Locust Gardens in your GPS.

Contract Growing

We love working with our customers who are in need of custom grown plants. Let us know if we can help.

We are closed!

With heavy hearts we are saying goodbye to our herb farm. 2023 will be our last growing year. Please continue to follow and support our other herbal and plant projects like bloodroot herb shop at The farm is in deep transition but continue to keep eyes on what may emerge. We cant thank everyone enough for the support throughout the years.

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