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From plant walks, to medicine making and tea tastings, we offer a range of class topics for you to explore.


I am excited to be on this plant path with you! Join me at the farm for in person classes or listen and learn at your own pace with one of my pre-recorded classes. I look forward to learning from each other.

A River Runs Through Us 

A RECORDED online class on herbal lymphagogues

still available!

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Holistic Care For Abortion Online class

A RECORDED class that dives deep into helping people through their chosen route of pregnancy release and clinical abortion. This class focuses on herbs used alongside 1st trimester clincal abortion and also discusses how we naviagate the new reality of roe vs wade being overturned. We cover a wide range of topics leaving you to feel prepared to help people in your community.

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Spring Plant Walk On Herbal Lymphatics

May 21st 2023 at 11 am -1pm. Join us for an in person plant walk that will focus on plants growing in southeast Michigan that are used for the lymphatic system.

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Holistic Abortion Care In Person

Join us on the farm June 3rd 2023 at 10am-1pm for this in depth class on supporting people holisitcally through their abortions. We will cover a large variety of material, and you will leave feeling more confident on how to help people in your community through an abortion.


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Solstice St Johns Wort Medicine Making Class

Join us at the farm June 17th 2023 11-2pm for harvesting st johns wort, and learning how to process the fresh flowering tops into an oil that you can take home for your own personal use and apothecary. Oil, plants, and alcohol will be provided by me, just bring jars!

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Alchemy of Motherhood

What is a mother? How do we honor the mother archetype in our lives? And how do we support mothers/parents to be with nutrtion, herbs, knowing red flags through each trimester? In this class we will honor the mother, bring a picture of anything that resonates with you when you hear that word and we will place it on our altar. We will all decide on a plant on the first weekend we feel encompasses the mother feeling, to distill at the end of the intensive. This is a two part, two weekend class to cover all 4 trimesters of pregnancy and concluded with a live distillaton.

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“What does it mean that the earth is so beautiful? And what should I do about it?”

Mary Oliver

We are closed!

With heavy hearts we are saying goodbye to our herb farm. 2023 will be our last growing year. Please continue to follow and support our other herbal and plant projects like bloodroot herb shop at The farm is in deep transition but continue to keep eyes on what may emerge. We cant thank everyone enough for the support throughout the years.

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