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Plant Walk & Tea Talk

Plant Walk & Tea TalkPlant Walk & Tea TalkCome join me for this special event taking place at our herb farm. There is no better way to understand the complexity of our relationship to plants then meeting them in person and working with them hands on and using...

Spring Plant Walk and Our Lymph System

Spring Plant WalkHerbal Lymphatics Spring WalkCome join me for this special event taking place at our herb farm.  Come learn from the plants themselves about the interconnection between spring, our lymph system and plants that are all around us that can help keep this...

Pregnancy Loss in First Aid  & Beyond

Pregnancy Loss in First Aid & Beyond

Miscarriages are very common in pregnant people with a staggering statistic that 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in a miscarriage. Miscarriages come with a spectrum of emotional, and physical symptoms as well as social context. My question that I propose here, is how do...

We are closed!

With heavy hearts we are saying goodbye to our herb farm. 2023 will be our last growing year. Please continue to follow and support our other herbal and plant projects like bloodroot herb shop at The farm is in deep transition but continue to keep eyes on what may emerge. We cant thank everyone enough for the support throughout the years.

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