Plant Walk

Plant Walk & Tea Talk

Come join me for this special event taking place at our herb farm. There’s no other better way to learn about plants then to actually meet them, and engage our senses. 

In this class we will be walking around the herb farm talking about ways to use certain plants medicinally. we will also incorporate a blind tea tasting of some of the plants we just meet. This helps deepen our level of understanding of plants. It stops our preconceived notions and ideas we may have and It incorporates our  intuition and teaches us about organoleptics. 


This class ties our intuition with traditional uses and current research of herbs all together. 


Class will be 2 hrs long bring water and appropriate clothing attire. We will be walking around on unsteady ground at times. Rain or shine! Class has limited seating!  


BIPOC scholarships are available, no questions asked! Send us an email to find out more.